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With 27 years experience in competitive sport, Ezequiel, with 40-year-old has not lost enthusiasm, race, and focus to pursue its goals.

Already with 14 years of age he starts in athletics. The sport was in its skin. Persistent in hours of training, calm in the trials, and an ability to evaluate competitive situations that has led him to win since their first competitions.

After by 10 years competing in athletics at the state and national cometitions, he discovered triathlon, a passion that have never failed to offer satisfaction. Participating in different events with several national titles and in holding an international level, including the South American Championships and Pan American Games, South American and Pan American Games, as well as World Championships.

In his career as a triathlete, took a big step by deciding to emigrate from Argentina to live in Brazil in 2003, owing to their desire for growth and persistence in seeking new horizons and more competitive environment. Won several titles in this country.

Within his athletic career there were many moments of sadness, as the accident in 2006, when he was hit by a truck while training, causing him fracture of the basin, leading to a surgical emergency. Despite being diagnosed with 8 months of rest and rehabilitation, had his return to competition only 4 months after the accident, getting a second place, a mark of his enthusiasm and race in the sport.

His most recent achievement was competing in the World Ironman in Hawaii, resulting in their debut on the island's with a 23rd placement, and highlighting the 3rd best marathon race.